WESTChester School for sPecial children

"Our program was incredibly fortunate to have the HERO organization visit us and teach our students some basic tennis skills... The HERO, Inc. personnel came in and provided our students with a wonderful introduction to tennis. The activity was designed so that every student could practice at their ability and staff were incredibly patient and willing to modify skill practice as needed so that all kids could feel successful... We could not have had a more positive experience with HERO, Inc., and would love to have a chance to work with their organization in the future."

Julia dyckman andrus school - orchard school

"HERO came to our school and worked with our students by introducing them to tennis. During the presentation the students were curious, engaged and enthusiastic. As a result of the success of the program, the Residential Program on our campus now includes tennis instruction for our residents as part of their recreation program."


"The HERO staff are all highly sensitive to the special needs of our youth and are very patient and understanding as they expose them to a new experience in playing tennis. They have a real knack for teaching kids to feel successful right away, which is crucial for youth who have serious self-esteem issues. During the initial session our residents came in looking indifferent, bored and even fearful. Within a short time, the residents realized they could do something new and really began to enjoy the experience."

St. Joseph's School for the deaf

"We at St. Joseph's School for the Deaf want to thank you for such a great clinic.... You taught on so many different levels and everyone had a chance in succeeding to their own potential. Setting individual goals for the children is hard to master but your staff did it with ease."