Here's just a small sampling of the programs we offer:



HERO tennis provides fun, fitness and positive social experiences. Programs are run on an on-going basis or as special events (Tennis Carnivals). HERO tennis is available to individuals of all ages with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities. Lessons are tailored to meet group and individual needs.

Lessons are scheduled at parks, schools and indoor/outdoor facilities, depending upon the season, throughout the tri-state region, Mondays through Saturdays.


PUP (Pets uplifting People)

The PUP (Pets Uplifting People) program focuses on the interaction between animals and humans. Components of the program include experiencing the responsibility of brushing, washing and feeding dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. Since animals are non-judgmental, individuals with disabilities can interact comfortably with them without feeling different.



Through the use of body and rhythmic movements, participants experience the joy of dancing, while increasing coordination, flexibility, and balance, as well as a sense of well-being.

Participants engage in group activities that foster social interaction, cognitive skills, and physicial fitness. A caring classroom environment allows for fun, learning and individual attention.



This program encourages creative expression through active music making, sing-alongs and dance. Rhythm instruments such as tambourines, maracas, bells and triangles encourage participation and help create an enjoyable movement and song experience.



HERO Arts and Crafts recognizes all holidays like Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.  They make decorations, collages and "portraits."  They learn to use pens, crayons and pencils. They are very proud of their work!